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A decade ago, Guy Mannion and Thomas Mitchell were just two film students and amateur movie-makers with evidently no experience of setting up a film production company from scratch or even a basic understanding of the UAE market. Ten years later, the duo run the region’s most prolific film-production business, 815 Studios, the force behind some of the biggest productions passing through the region, ranging from Dubai Parks & Resorts, Manchester City FC, Saudi Esports Federation to Snap Inc.

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'10 Years In The Making'

By Misbaah Mansuri • Digital Studio Middle East • September 1st 2022

815-HS_Nathan 3.jpg

'5 minutes with Nathan Evans,

Creative Producer at 815 Studios'

By Misbaah Mansuri • Digital Studio Middle East • August 10th 2022



"What actually ignited your interest in the creative space?
The ongoing ignition for me is the diversity this industry offers across each project; the narrative and technical story-telling elements that we can use to communicate through are limitless. For me, these are more defined in the commercial, photographic and animation space, where the ever-changing creative direction, environment and client certainly keep you on your toes.

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'Best Live Action Capture awarded to 815 Studios for RedFest DXB coverage'

By Digital Studio Middle East • March 31st 2021



For its stellar work on Virgin Radio's Redfest DXB 2020, 815 Studios was recognised at the 17th edition of the Digital Studio Awards on 30 March, with the Best Live Action Capture award. 815 Studios returned to produce content for the seventh edition of Virgin Radio's RedFest DXB, an annual music festival that the company has been involved in since its inauguration in 2014. 

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'5 minutes with Daniel O’Flaherty, Director of Photography & Colourist at 815 Studios'

By Pranav Vadehra • Digital Studio Middle East • December 26th 2018



"DS: Tell me about 815 Studios... 815 Studios is a team of highly skilled film enthusiasts with a thirst for creating innovative visual content. We produce local and international projects for commercial, corporate, and event purposes. Our films are shared through social media, television, cinema and online distribution platforms."

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'Dreaming Big'

By Vibhuti Arora • BroadcastPro Middle East • September 10th 2017

"2017 has been a good year for 815 Studios, a UAE-based production house helmed by co-founders Guy Mannion and Thomas Mitchell. Just as the production house marks its fifth birthday, it has also ushered in a new phase in its production journey by bagging their first TV show. The production house recently delivered the pilot episodes of a home-grown reality TV show, which is claimed to be a first-of-its-kind in the region. ”

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'United Emirates #153: 815 Studios'

By Stu Todd • Hype Magazine • November 27th 2016

'Dreams Do Come True'

By Rob Garrett • The National • June 22nd 2015

"It was the moment the genie came out of the lamp. A 20-year-old film student was introduced to a friend of a friend at a party. “What’s your dream?” the stranger asked. “To open a film-production company,” the student replied. “Let’s do it,” his new friend said. The student was Guy Mannion who, three years later, is the chief executive of 815 Studios, a thriving Dubai-based film-production business that has shot some of the biggest gigs and musical acts passing through the region. Of course, getting to this point was not as simple as it sounds..."

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'The Young Entrepreneur Zone'

By Olya Moskalenko • Virgin Megastore • March 13th 2014

"Q. How did the concept get born?

Plenty people ask; so why the name 815? Because it sounds cool? Because that’s your favourite numbers? I always chuckle when I hear this from my clients, and in return, they marvel at the reason of it being named the specific numbers of 8-1-5. So I ask; have you heard of the TV show, Lost? Majority will say yes, and then I ask, do you remember the flight that crashed on the island? That’s usually when it clicks… ‘Oh My God! The flight number!’. Why Lost? Well, Lost was a fixation of mine during my teenage years, obviously this also being the time I took up filmmaking. The two put together had a huge influence on my filmmaking, from the types of shots, angles and soundtrack. If it wasn’t for Lost, I don’t think I’d be here today!"

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