815 Studios is an award-winning media production company that offers a comprehensive service in pre-production, production and post-production to commercial brands, corporate businesses, event promoters, music artists and PR/marketing agencies across the globe.


Since their inception in 2012, 815 Studios have produced over 600 projects across the commercial, sporting, event and corporate markets. 815 are known for their high quality delivery and unparalleled service, 

prioritising product satisfaction to each and every client. 


The 815 team is filled with creative, passionate and technically skilled individuals; keeping productivity at the forefront, a core value that is evident in every project they produce.

Guy Mannion 815

Guy Mannion

Chief Executive Officer

Guy is the founder of 815 Studios and helms Production and Post-Production. He has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge in his skillset as a Director and Editor across 815's productions. He is admired for this commitment to producing originative, stylistic and contemporary final products.

Thomas Mitchell 815

Thomas Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas is a knowledgeable force in the development, planning, and execution of all formats of video production. He is the catalyst for a project coming together, and highly experienced in the production processes within the gulf region. He is held in the highest regard for his devotion and commitment.

Daniel O'Flaherty

Director of Photography & Colourist

Daniel is 815’s award-winning DOP, with broad palette of global experience. He is revered and renowned for his visionary and creative approach towards the art of cinematography. Daniel has the core responsibility of conveying the story visually using lighting, camera and composition techniques.

Nathan Evans 815

Nathan Evans

Creative Producer

Nathan is a an efficient and insightful member to the production and post-production divisions. In his short career, he has thrived within 815; injecting his creative eye and skillset into each and every production he is a part of. His performance and duties are integral to our successful daily operations.