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815 Studios is situated in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates - the world's hub for air travel and the home to the World's Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa. For over 8 years, 815
have built from the ground up to establish themselves as a leading creative production house - solidifying this by locating our studio in such a prestigious location.


The Burlington is positioned among ultramodern architecture and skyscrapers in Business Bay; an inspiring location for any company. 815's facilities is located on the 26th floor, office 2603 within this tower, providing us with the tools and facilities required to plan and deliver our unrivalled content. 

The Open Workspace

Designed to infuse our social work ethic. This open-plan area is where creative ideas are conceived, treatments are written and logistics are plotted. A key space that enables pre-production to blossom. Concepts, scripts, storyboards, casting and budgeting are among the many elements that are devised in this highly creative space.

The Cutting Room

This intimate space is where we begin to allow the film to breath and ultimately, come to life. Post-production is a large process of cutting, blending and manipulating content. The two-desk space enables several elements of this process to occur simultaneously. The viewing sofa offers clients to review dailies and outputs comfortably on our 50' flat screen TV with sound system.

The Meeting Room

It's often that both potential and recurring clients come to visit us. This uninterrupted space allows discussions between all personnel to take place. Equipped with a 50' flat screen TV to screen presentations and content relevant to the project at hand.

The Equipment Area 

This area houses all filming equipment and gear, equipped with a maintenance  bay and charging stations. This hub allows all itinerary to be maintained and organised between shoots. A key area that ensures equipment is inspected and at full capacity before it leaves our facilities.

The Reception

Coincidentally, we explore the first thing you see as you enter our office - last! A long corridor of our accolades and press coverage will lead you to our reception desk and waiting area, complimented by our iconic



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