815 Studios offer a wide range of services to their clients. Our mission is to produce high quality, innovative and cost effective projects to individuals and businesses. We supply our services to a number of different types of businesses such as commercial brands, corporate businesses, event promoters, music artists and PR/marketing agencies.


815 brings together creative minds, technically accurate individuals and passionate filmmakers to turn an idea into a vastly engaging project aimed toward target markets. Our unparalleled quality and delivery is what the 815 team always strive to achieve in each production process.


Once the client has determined a budget, the planning stage begins. An initial brainstorming session is completed, whereby the client communicates their ideas for the project to the team. From here, 815 considers the client’s ideas and in most cases, expands on them. A brief is then produced for the client’s approval; detailing the overall plans for production and post-production.  


The plans that have been made in pre-production come to life in production. The script guides the talent, the crew works their equipment, the location creates the world, the lighting creates the beauty, the camera captures the action and the director pushes the vision. All the components come together producing a database of rushes/RAW footage ready to be pieced together in post-production. 


All the rushes captured in production now get pieced together in the edit, essentially piecing together the story. The director sits with the editor who both follow the script to produce the film the client desires. The rushes will be edited and colour corrected, a soundtrack will be produced and synced to the visuals. The titles and graphics will be perfected in order for the team to finalise and deliver.

Our Operation includes... 

Sony a7 Range (4K)

DJI Ronin Range

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

GoPro Hero 7

DJI Mavic Pro 2

Audio Equipment

An international film & video production company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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